Corporate Events

You’ll never again have to worry about the food or the service at your next corporate event because we’ll have you covered from top to bottom.

We’ve been helping individuals and organizations put on incredible events for quite some time now, and understand exactly what it takes to make sure that your event is as memorable as possible. We all know that people are going to be focused on the food when they attend these kinds of events, and we pull out all the stops.

It all begins long before our team ever arrives on site to get set up for the day with a “strategy session”. This is where our logistics members, or head chefs, and our critical service staff members will all come together with you to plan out this big occasion. We’ll take about menu choices, special requests, and get a schedule down on paper so that your service is pulled off perfectly.

From there, everything goes “hands off” for you!

Our team of in-house cooks and chefs will work double over time to source all the high level ingredients needed to make sure that every bite is picture perfect, and our logistics team will work behind the scene to setup the venue so that there aren’t any hiccups on the big day.

We’ll show up early, setup quickly (and make sure to stay out the way!), and will begin the service right on time so that your guests are never left wanting.

We even handle cleanup, so that you’ll literally never have to lift a single finger of your own!

If you’re serious about making sure that your next big event is something that they remember from the moment they arrive right on through to the last bite, contact us today!

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