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Hemibry Catering it is a pleasure to present to you the following service proposal:
Set up, Service and Clean up Tables.
Back service (breaking down plates and glasses).
Set up and attend to the bar.
Final cleaning according the venue’s requirements
2 bartender 3 waiters 2 kitchen staff Based on 100 guest
The total service hours for the event shall be the (8) hours. Any additional hours, a surcharge of $375 will be charge for each additional hour. This amount is to be paid at the end of the event. 2 hours for set up, 5 hours for service (party) and 1 hour clean up.

Floor length table Polyester linens.
Polyester Linens for bar, buffet, appetizer table, DJ table, gift table, guestbook table, and cocktail tables.
Sweetheart table
Linen napkins.
Coffee Station
Coffee or Black Tea.
Coffee urns.
Coffee cups & saucers
Stirrers and Bev. Naps.
Bar Supplies
Wine glasses.
Rock glasses.
Glass water pitchers.
Cocktail shakers and containers.
Condiment holder.
Wine and beer opener.
Cocktail napkins and stirrers.
Chilling tub.

Table Setting
Dinner plates (choice of styles).
Salad Plates.
Dessert Plates.
Dinner forks
Dinner knives.
Salad Forks.
Dessert Forks.
Water glasses.

Service Equipment/ Miscellaneous
Serving Platters.
Cleaning trays
Chafing Dishes.
Serving Utensils
Tray stands.
Stain steel Water pitchers.
Trash bags.
Trash Cans. 

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